Spread a wide range of materials including fertiliser, lime, and gypsum, and take your spreading program to the next level.

The AS2000 Series Spreader includes exclusive design features and technology for precise application of product whilst being extremely durable and simple to operate. It’s an advanced precision spreader that meets the requirements of convenience, serviceability, productivity and accuracy. Not only that, it’s accredited to spread urea to 41m and lime to 15m, with interchangeable discs, and is available in single or tandem axle in capacities from 10m3 to 22m3.

  • AS2100: 10m3 Capacity, 10.1T Fertiliser | 13.5T Lime, 2m or 3m Single Axle Options
  • AS2120: 12m3 Capacity, 11.9T Fertiliser | 14.5T Lime, 2m or 3m Single Axle Options
  • AS2130T: 13m3 Capacity, 13.5T Fertiliser | 17T Lime, Tandem Axle, 2m or 3m Axle Options
  • AS2150T: 15m3 Capacity, 17T Fertiliser | 19.5T Lime, 3m Tandem Axle
  • AS2200T: 20m3 Capacity, 16.6T Fertiliser | 23.3T Lime, 3m Tandem Axle
  • AS2220T: 22m3 Capacity, 21T Fertiliser | 25T Lime, 3m Tandem Axle

The AS2000 series features stainless steel components to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. The combination of high flotation tyres, a robust axle system and drawbar suspension, allows for a smoother ride to ensure even and accurate product distribution with enhanced performance.

  • Bin and Chassis Design
  • Spreading Deck and Vane Spinners
  • Load Sense Hydraulics
  • Sprung Drawbar
  • Load Cells
  • Calibration and Testing Kit
  • Agri-Spread App

Variable Rate Technology & On-The-Go Weighing
The AS2000 includes Agri-Spread’s exclusive Variable Rate Technology (VRT) as standard. VRT provides on-the-go-weighing through the ISOBUS terminal and accurately applies variable bulk density products using load sense hydraulics and dynamic auto-calibration.

Variable rate applications utilise a pre-planned map to optimise product usage on paddocks with variability in soil and crop nutrition. The ISOBUS interface using GPS positioning, implements the map to automatically control the application rate.

Sectional Control to Minimise Overlap
The AS2000 can be factory optioned with Automatic Sectional Control which uses GPS data and the ISOBUS interface to enable advanced variable rate spreading to significantly minimise product overlap.

Agri-Spread offers two section control options:

  • Single belt for single section swath width control
  • Twin belt for up to 14 section swath width control with two independent, hydraulically controlled conveyors and spinners to provide the most precise product distribution*. The rate on either side of the machine can be changed as required and the spinner speeds automatically adjust to match the width.


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