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The new Fendt 900 G7 stands for maximum performance and maximum versatility, with all new mechanical features in addition to an all new FendtONE technology update, increasing operator comfort inside the cab and machine performance outside of it. Offered in all variant levels depending on the technology requirement (Power | Power+ |Profi | Profi+), the new FendtONE Onboard software provides users with an incredibly simple, user friendly experience & operation like no other and allows guidance, ISOBUS & VRC/SC capabilities in both steer ready variants for the first time ever.

Featuring 5 models in the new series and new front axle in NZ, the 900 G7 is one of the most successful high-power tractor series in the world, combining premium technology with unparalleled performance and versatility in the field and transport. In comparison to the existing G6 range, the new series offers several significant mechanical updates, along with the important technology update to the FendtONE interface that is setting new standards world-wide.

The 900 G7 is now provided with the following mechanical updates as standard:
– Hydraulic tappets, providing maintenance free valve operation;
– 1000hr engine oil change interval, for longer service life when used with low ash oils;
– Workshop function, vehicle can be jacked up front/rear for quick wheel changes/mounting (DA linkage only)
– Rigid tractor bar, for fixing the lower links into position to avoid a negative payload;
– Fendt Grip Assistant & VF tyres for increased load ratings, longer tyre life & ideal ballast recommendations;
– Electro-pneumatic handbrake, for improved comfort and operational safety
– External operation for comfort ballast pick-up (A003) – two buttons in the front to raise/lower the front axle
suspension for quick and easy attachment/detachment of front weights when used without front linkage;

As well as the introductions above, technologically speaking, the new series once again sets itself apart from its predecessor. Boasting the incredibly intuitive and user friendly interface and operating concept FendtONE Onboard, this series now contains, as standard:
– All new, ergonomically redesigned multi-function joystick;

– 10” digital display dashboard & 12” armrest terminal;
– Hood camera with terminal camera connections (x2 digital, x2 analogue);
– VisioPlus panoramic cabin for premium visibility and;
– Access to all new FendtONE features through software updates (ie. multi-boom SC, 3L functions, etc)

Along with the exceptional features in the base variant of the 900 G7 series, there are a number of additional options (technology & mechanically) designed to offer a premium upgrade to operation, comfort, precision farming technologies & terminal displays, such as:
– 12” roof terminal;
– 3L joystick with new programming functionality for increased flexibility;
– Two or four linear modules for hydraulic controls;
– Section Control & Variable Rate Control on both Power+ & Profi+ variants;
– In-cab 4.1 surround sound infotainment system;
– Hydraulic top link aid for greater safety and assistance for the driver when coupling & uncoupling;
– 900/1000 PTO speeds and;
– Self-cleaning air filter for automatic dust extraction designed for very dusty operating conditions, where multiple filter changes are required in order to complete the work.

The new FendtONE interface ensures the 900 G7 is future proofed for years to come, with new software updates being released regularly to capitilise on new guidance & technology developments as they become available. With a plethora of new features and a completely revolutionary approach to the future of farming with FendtONE, this new series is the perfect addition to any farm and any application, built smart and built to last.

Download the Fendt 900 Vario Gen7 Product Brochure HERE.
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