The Complete Package – the MF 2270 XDTC Balers make dense, well-formed bales, and are renowned for their reliability, longevity and low cost of ownership. The MF 2270 XDTC Chassis has an optimised structural integrity to support greater loads which includes a larger mounting frame to support a heavier flywheel and gearbox and an increased structural reliability. This allows the baler to be operated at significantly higher loads resulting in massive strength, increased reliability, increased longevity and increased residual value

  • Bale Weight Kit
  • Bale Size 120 x 90
  • XD Crank Arms
  • OptiForm Bale Chamber
  • Bale Density Control System – 15-20% Greater Density
  • Secure Double Knotter Tying System – Standard 6 Knotters

EOFY Sale Price: $319,000 (inc. GST)
This EOFY sale price is only available on the Massey Ferguson 2270 XDTC Baler until 30th June 2022.



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