Grainline’s Transportable Augers are pre-assembled & delivered ensuring your auger is ready for work upon delivery with no hidden costs. All Grainline augers are backed by our 24 month peace-of-mind warranty.

6”, 8” & 10″ AUGERS UP TO 17M (56FT) LONG

  1. Pulley sheaves and rollers run on bearings for long life and minimum friction in height adjustment.
  2. Triple reduction on winch cable for easy height adjustment.
  3. Well braced arms give extra strength and stability.
  4. Drive line is fully guarded for optimum safety and protection.
  5. Reversible gearbox for easy clean out.
  6. Select either petrol, hydraulic, PTO or electric drive options.
  7. Double cupped intake flighting for increased capacity.
  8. 3rd wheel assembly enables the auger to be positioned quickly and easily without any physical lifting required. (See Hydraulic wheel drive and lift option.)

Hopper included with every transportable auger.

As an option to your Grainline auger the hydraulic wheel drive and lift provide you with fingertip operation from a safe central location.

The driving and steering is operated from one single lever giving accurate and smooth control. The hydraulic lift is driven through a safety brake winch.

With the hydraulic pump mounted directly on to the gearbox, no engine or gearbox upgrade is necessary.


Contact our sales team for more details:
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