• Can feed out both sides and into troughs
  • Rate control on the cross floor chain with elevator load sensing valve
  • Combined Hardox450® and Strenx700® tub body for unmatched structural strength and toughness
  • High sides are standard for stacking two layers of square bales
  • LED lights
  • Rope rail runs the full length of the body to tie bale twine on to. The twine strips off the bale as the load moves forward
  • Hydraulic tilting elevator on right hand side with concertina anti-spillage plates
  • Chain and slat transfer floor allows the load to be reversed
  • Heavy duty tandem axles with remote greasing points
  • Available models include the Multiplus 13, 16 and 19.
  • Ex Melbourne

Multiplus 13 Price: $111,540 (inc. GST)
Multiplus 16 Price: $121,495 (inc. GST)
Multiplus 19 Price: $134,640 (inc. GST)


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