The Elmer’s Haulmaster Chaser Bin has exclusive features and technology aimed at maximising unloading efficiency and increasing productivity whilst being extremely simple to operate. With an unloading auger that can empty up to 18T per minute and the option to include the Haulmaster Pro in-cab technology, operators can efficiently and accurately unload into any sized storage with minimal spillage.

  • Single Axle: 30T & 36T capacities with the option to include Elmer’s Transfer Tracks to increase floatation and reduces compaction.
  • Tandem Axle: 30T, 36T & 41T capacities with four-wheel steering for maximum manoeuvrability and minimal soil disturbance. Plus, 2.5mof ground contact, maximising floatation and resulting in lower soil compaction.
  • Fixed Track: 46T55T & 63T capacities. Elmer’s exclusively designed tracked undercarriage is built specifically for the highest capacities and toughest conditions. Tracks are low maintenance and tensioned hydraulically for better tracking.

Maximise Your Unloading Efficiency
Elmer’s Haulmaster Chaser Bin maximises operator unloading efficiency and productivity, whilst being exceptionally accurate, user friendly, and simple to operate.

All Haulmaster Chaser Bins feature Elmer’s exclusive custom designed direct-drive Powermaster gearbox which eliminate belts and drive chains and maximises grain flow efficiency.

Other standard features include an adjustable auger with 4-way pivoting spout, 3m track centres for controlled traffic farming, as well as a full-length horizontal auger clean out for quick grain transition.

  • Fast Unloading
  • Modular Design
  • Pivoting Auger
  • 4-Way Directional Spout
  • Horizontal Clean Out Door
  • Auto Steer Lock (Tandem Axle)
  • Large See-Through Windows
  • Additional Standard Features

Powermaster Gearbox
The Haulmaster Chaser Bin features Elmer’s exclusive custom designed direct-drive Powermaster gearbox which eliminates belts and drive chains and maximises grain flow efficiency. The Powermaster gearbox further increases the auger’s output capacity for any given tractor power allowing for unloading speeds up to 18T per minute!

Other Additional Features Include:

  • Haulmaster Pro Joystick Control
    For enhanced unloading and load tracking capabilities, the exclusive Haulmaster Pro technology is available as an option on all chaser bins in the Haulmaster range. The technologically advanced yet extremely user-friendly system, gives the operator maximum control of the auger functionality with the use of a comfortable hand-held joystick. Fold and unfold the auger with a quick double tap and position the proportional 4-way spout for accurate unloading with minimal spillage.The Pro system also includes an auto-gate close and auto-unload function for improved load tracking.
  • Haulmaster Connect
    The Haulmaster Connect system offers detailed load tracking capabilities with a direct scale connection, and acts as an interface to make changes to load data and settings as needed on a tablet interface. Included with the Haulmaster Pro System, the Connect’s features are extended to include PTO speed and virtual joystick controls with multiple gate and load settings.


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