The Zeus model combines power and agility to handle heavy loads in tight spaces. It is equipped with hydrostatic transmission combined with pedal “inching” command that allows the vehicle to run at slow speed with the engine at full throttle. 

The swing kinematic mechanism is equipped with a control, allowing the operator to considerably increase the rotation angle of the fork carrier plate. These features make it comfortable and safe for loading and unloading operations.

The Zeus excels on construction sites, thanks to a ROPS- FOPS approved cab equipped with all the safety devices, air-conditioning, air seats and soundproofing kit.

Zeus 33.11 (EWP option available): Maximum Capacity: 3,300kg, Maximum Lift Height: 10.6m, Maximum Power: 93kW (125hp), Maximum Speed: 40km/h

Zeus 35.10: Maximum Capacity: 3,500kg, Maximum Lift Height: 9.75m, Maximum Power: 93kW (125hp), Maximum Speed: 30km/h

Zeus 40.7: Maximum Capacity: 4,000kg, Maximum Lift Height: 7.0m, Maximum Power: 93kW (125hp), Maximum Speed: 40km/h


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