The Pegasus is a rotary telehandler, with either continuous (360°) or non-continuous (400°) rotation. It can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories that make it suitable for many jobs.

The 400° model is characterised by ease of use, robustness, reliability and a complete range of safety features, including a load limiting device plus advanced instrumentation to ensure total control of the vehicle irrespective of force, load ground conditions and speed.

The 360° model, in addition to the features listed above, is equipped with outriggers with an automatic levelling function, and an electronic control system (made with CAN-bus technology) that allows it to operate in any position. 

The equipment also includes the new Load Sensing / Flow sharing hydraulic distributor and a new rotary joint with integrated rotation sensor. The capacitive joystick with deadman sensor, allows the turret rotation speed regulation/reduction. 

The ROPS – FOPS approved cab is further improved by the adoption of a new Smart Navigation system for controlling the main electronic functions of the vehicle.



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