The Cotton Pro is a reliable workhorse, ideal for cotton handling tasks such as combining bales of raw cotton, or spearing hay hales.

Dealing with such fibrous material such as cotton needs some consideration, meaning the Cotton Pro has been wrapped, plated and shielded to make sure that it won’t get hot or catch fire. The machine’s alternator is wrapped in a sock to keep cotton fibres out and way from any potential source of ignition. The oil cooler is also mounted to the rear of the machine, behind the cab.

This model is available in 3 steering options including 2WD, 4WD and transversal. The engine cooling system also utilises a reversible fan to blow any dust and fibres away from the radiator. 

Cotton Pro 70.10: Maximum Capacity: 7,000kg, Maximum Lift Height: 9.65m, Maximum Power: 93kW (125hp), Maximum Speed: 30km/h


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