The Agri Plus is a fixed boom telehandler, suitable for heavy and intensive use. They are characterised for their technology, reliability and durability.

This model has exceptional mobility with more precise movements, more responsiveness and greater stability under all conditions, providing greater comfort for the operator. Less prone to environmental conditions, the Agri Plus is ready and efficient even when the hydraulic oil is cold.

The Agri Plus excels in heavy use, demonstrated in the DS (Descent Control System) which guarantees maximum boom descent speed even with the engine at maximum speed.

Futhermore, this model can be equipped with 2 types of transmission, including the PS Power Shift transmission, with 6-speed manual/automatic gearbox, 3 in reverse and “inching” pedal control, which guarantee maximum power at all operating speeds, or the innovative VS Vario System hydrostatic transmission that allows unparalleled manoeuvring fluidity and millimetric precision in small movements.

Agri Plus 40.7: Maximum Capacity: 4,000kg, Maximum Lift Height: 7.0m, Maximum Power: 93kW (125 hp), Maximum Speed: 40km/h

Agri Plus 42.7 GD: Maximum Capacity: 4,200kg, Maximum Lift Height: 6.9m, Maximum Power: 103kW (138 hp), Maximum Speed: 41.7km/h


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