The BROOKFIELD ChainBar is the best way to optimise soil health. The entire range of BROOKFIELD Disc Chains can be fitted to this implement frame ensuring that all tillage needs are covered from dealing with leftover stubble after harvest to preparing the ground for seeding. The ChainBar is the most versatile tool bar in Disc Chain technology with up to 7 chains ensuring that your specific soil-type is cared for as it should.

What makes the BROOKFIELD ChainBar essential for your Tillage/Seeding Program?

Reuse leftover stubble
ChainBar fitted with Disc Chain of your choice ensures that your leftover stubble is laid down and crushed to create a mulch-like protective layer over your soil reducing evaporation and boosting microbial activity.

Weed-Free Seeding
Early summer pass with ChainBar fitted with Disc Chain will encourage weeds to come up early so they can be removed with another pass before seeding.


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